July 21 - 26, 2015 

"From Wagon Wheels to Ferris Wheels"


Great job to all of our 2015 Round Robin participants.  Here are the scores:



2015 Carcass Evaluations

The results are in!  Check out how your animal did by clicking on the links below:

Steer         Carcass SOM Basics


Lamb         Lamb Ultrasound

High Point Awards

Indoor High Point Winners:                 Horse High Point Winners:             Outdoor High Point Winners:

Family and Consumer Sciences           Walk/Trot                                                  Dairy
          Senior    Anne Luehr                        Grand       Megan Goroski                         Senior   Brook Whitney
          Junior     Philip Patten                      Reserve    Payton Sprague                        Junior   Justin Tofflemire

Sewing and Textiles                            Junior                                                       Dog
         Senior     Teresa Patten                    Grand       Landry Scoles                           Senior   Shea Sulivan
         Junior      Sarah Morand                    Reserve   Clancy Olson                             Junior   Madelynn Panis

Heath                                                 Senior                                                      Goat
         Senior     Teresa Patten                    Grand       Kendall Perry                            Senior   Kimberly Curtis
         Junior      Taylor Converse                Reserve    Brooke Whitney                         Junior    Josie Hamilton
         Junior      Dylan Maharg                                         

Indoor Animal Sciences                                                                                       Sheep
         Senior     Anne Luehr                                                                                       Senior   Christine Patten
         Junior      Kaityn Edwards                                                                                 Junior   Isabelle Lowry
         Junior      Crystal Kelley

Plant Sciences                                                                                                    Swine
         Senior     Ann Luehr                                                                                          Senior   Jay Deaton
         Junior      Sarah Morand                                                                                    Junior   Isabelle Lowry

Engineering and Technology                                                                                Rabbit
          Senior     Christine Patten                                                                                 Senior   Miranda Bragg
          Junior      Dillon Ostberg                                                                                   Junior    Alexsis Sanoval

Environmental  & Natural Sciences                                                                       Beef
          Senior     Chris Granbery                                                                                 Senior   Rebecca Corbally
          Junior      Austin Gransbery                                                                              Junior   Dal Lowry

Photography                                                                                                       Poultry
          Senior     Ravyn Frey                                                                                       Senior   Emma Carlson
          Junior      Garret Oleson                                                                                   Junior   Isabella Saraco

Communication & Expressive Arts
          Senior     Brooklyn Bennett
          Senior     Vinessa Sanford
          Junior      Megan Goroski

Leadership & Personal Development
          Senior     Valerie McNeil

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