A public hearing was held on Thursday, April 15, 1976 for the creation of a Mosquito Control District in the Helena Valley and East Helena area. The district includes the area of Green Meadow Drive, north of Custer Avenue, south of the Lincoln Highway and west of Lake Helena Drive. The district includes East Helena, Lake Helena and the county fairgrounds.

General Mosquito Management Policy

The Helena Valley Mosquito District has an obligation to monitor and mange mosquitoes within the entire district to benefit those paying for the service.

The District will handle complaints and concerns on a case basis when it is brought to their attention.

Helena Valley Mosquito District Board

Dean South, Chair
Dave Baum
Sally Bratlien
David Tudor
John Semple, Contractor
Larry Hoffman, Mosquito Adviser
County Commissioner

Craig Mosquito District Board

Raina Blackman
Dan LaFromboise
Mike Taylor

Contact information:

Lewis & Clark County Weed District
3402 Cooney Drive
Helena, MT 59602

(406) 447-8372

Rental Equipment - for use with Insecticides only.
MD-00 Spray Unit $30.00/day
Bug Magnet #1     $10.00/day
Bug Magnet #2     $10.00/day
Bug Magnet #3     $10.00/day
Propane and electric cord for Bug Magnet is the responsibility of user.

Contact information: JHS, Inc
(406) 443-7487